A telescope for Perugia

Dear friends, amateurs of the sky and star gazers or simply you, web surfer landed in this page,
It has been three years since our association has laid its foundations in Monte Malbe and, thanks to the passion and perseverance of a resolute group of star gazers, we were able to realize many astronomy divulgation activities involving hundreds of people.
But, you know, star observers set their’s sights higher! Due to the fact that our group of active members has grown up, we started a new ambitious project: provide our site with a solar H-Alpha telescope  to observe Sun completely safety.

luntAt the moment the instruments used during our divulgation activity do not allow the observation of our sun. With a solar telescope we could carry on our activities daily.
This is the equipment we are about to buy: Lunt 100mm f/7 with BF1200 filter.

We are working hard to reach this goal because we believe in it but it could not be enough so we are here to ask for your help.
If you think our project is deserving, please help us with a donation by PayPal:

Please support us!

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